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It is produced from the finest Non-GMO soybean, produced and designed for application in the western-style sausage, meat sausage, fish food, quick-frozen food, nutritional food, cereal
90% protein content, with different grades applied for processed meat industry(Polony, Vienna, Frankfurter...),
Excellent gel strength, good emulsification to accelerate the forming of oil-water emulsion;
Medium viscosity, good solubility and dispersibility,good emulsification and water retention
Good taste, low viscosity, good dispersibility, high soluble, good stability, white color after rehydration, not easy to layer,
Description: It is made from high quality NON-GMO soybean, producedthrough peel, degrease, extraction,
It is made from high quality Non-GMO soybean,used for emulsified sausage, ham, high-temperature sausage,vegetablefood and frozen food etc.
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