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Industry News
What are the applications of soy protein isolate in quick-frozen foods?
Because the brushed protein of soybean has the chewing taste of real meat, it has a high yield after soaking, and can be widely used in vegetarian diets such as quick-frozen dumplings and meatballs;
How to store soybeans
Soybeans have strong hygroscopicity, large germination holes, and strong moisture absorption capacity compared with wheat and corn. Soybeans absorb moisture and return to the tide,
How does soy protein isolate change the structure of meat products?
The compactness of the structure of the meat product and the homogeneity of the cut surface are mainly related to the viscosity between the tissues during processing. Soy protein is enhanced in protei
Do you know the production process of soy protein isolate?
Soy protein isolate is an additive commonly used in the food industry and has a high protein content. This kind of additive not only allows the food to maintain a good taste,
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