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Quality Raw Materials, Green Quality.
We have a demonstration base planting original ecological green soybean in China,  which uses high-quality non-transgenic soybeans as raw materials to lead the sustainable development of green soybean protein production.
Green Technology, Advanced Process.
We have a complete soybean production and processing base, 6 deep processing chains for soybean protein products, 22 soybean protein product production lines, realizing an annual output of soy more than 380,000 tons.
Whole Industry Chain, Improved Quality.
Planting, research and development, production, sales, and advanced sewage treatment systems have been strictly controlled to create a green and complete soybean industry chain economy. Production process: 3 low-temperature soybean meal production lines, 20 soybean protein isolate production lines and 4 soybean oligosaccharide production lines.
Customized Services
Need Design? No Problem!
Linyi Shansong has the ideal solutions for your demand.
If our products are not 100% suitable, our engineers and technicians will work with you to develop a new type. 
If you have any needs for your new products or wish to make further improvements on the current formulation, we are here to offer our support.